Why I Made A Hand & Body Soap

Why I Made A Hand & Body Soap

Because, like you, I wanted one from my favourite brand. Simple. 

When I started veto, I was all about sustainability starting in the home, and cleaning products were exactly what I needed. But after one dire shower incident where I tripped over an obnoxiously large body wash bottle and ended up lying ass naked on the floor, I knew something had to change.

I wanted the same waste-reducing benefits from my cleaning products but had found bar soaps to leave me with a weird rubbery feel whenever I used them. 

 hands washing with soap suds


I knew there had to be options for different skin types - one for dull, tired skin, one for sensitive skin and one for blemished skin. So, I got to formulating and voila! The best three body soaps you'll ever try! Have your choice of French Vanilla & Shea; for that cozy, decadent feel. Mango; to help revitalise skin with this vibrant, zesty bar. And Kawakawa & Hempseed; for an earthy, natural, healing option.

Now, the best part about these soaps is that they look AMAZING when placed on the ceramic bench tidy! It's giving organised sustainability!

 green ceramic storage tray and cup on benchtop with dish brush, soap and wooden scrubber

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