Hi! I'm Charlotte. Welcome to veto.

So the story goes... I was studying a degree in economics & management focusing on sustainable development and circularity.

I have the attention span of an eyelash and, by the end of my degree in 2019, I was sick of reading case studies about circular supply chains. So, for me to understand what I was studying, I began putting the theory into practice.

But why cleaning products?

Remember that dingy flat where you lived with randoms and asbestos? Yeah, that's why cleaning products. 

Sustainable living is about fitting alternatives into YOUR lifestyle, not the other way round.

Part of the reason I created veto was because I was personally disengaged & confused by sustainability, and I was STUDYING IT!! It seemed insane to me that our shared pursuit of better living could be so riddled with frustration and sunken costs, and we would just accept it. I am no "earth mother" by any means! But, when I do find sustainable alternatives that work, it makes me feel good, and ideally, the planet a bit better. It’s when sustainable living is simple and enjoyable. Those words are key!

Life is too short to use sustainable products that don't leave you feeling gratified. Here at veto. you can enjoy the ride of sustainable living knowing that you will be supported by a community of like-minded people.
I love hearing from you and answering any questions you may have about sustainability. Think of me the as the somewhat ECO-FREAKO girlfriend in the bathroom of a night club

Charlotte xx