Sustainable Gift Guide

Sustainable Gift Guide

This Christmas, it’s never been more important to choose the best eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones. 

Beyond being cooler than the generic gifts seen EVERYWHERE, buying sustainable gifts means you won't be adding to the extra 30% of rubbish that's produced and discarded throughout the festive period in New Zealand. That's an additional 3 million tonnes of waste just in the silly season! 

So, here's a quick gift guide to make your presents as green as your Christmas tree. 


Stocking Fillers (under $20)

veto. Hand and Body Soap

flat lay hand soap in diagonal pattern


 Gentle cleansing for both hands and body. Handcrafted from fine natural ingredients, these decadent hand and body bars are formulated to effectively clean your full body without the plastic bottles.


ROCC Natural Toothpaste:
ROCC is an everyday toothpaste for our vegan friends. Scientifically formulated with naturally derived ingredients and with a biodegradable tube, ROCC is just like regular toothpaste, but with extra goodness. Just open wide and say ahhhhh.
Ladybird Seeds:


 Green thumb! Inspired by generations of seed savers and growers who have always seen the importance of an on-going relationship to the land. 


 Adorn Cocktail Garnish:

For the beverage connoisseur. Add a bit of boujie flair to any drink with these dried fruit garnishes all dried in the Bay of Plenty.
veto. Room Spray:
Eco room spray


 When giving a candle is just, tired. Try these luxurious room sprays. Made from 100% natural ingredients, these sprays will make any room smell inviting and calm without making it hard to breathe!


Apostle Hot Honey:


Saint Valentine blesses your food with the perfect balance of sweet heat and floral undertones in every tantalising mouthful. Sweet and golden New Zealand honey infused with a harmonious blend of habanero chillies, fragrant lavender and aromatic rosemary. Goes fabulously on top of whipped brie!




Stocking Fillers (over $20)

Sly & Company Merino Socks

Socks tend to be at the bottom of the Christmas wish list, but we’ll always be thankful to receive a pair of Sly & Company's well-made toe warmers. These luxurious merino socks are designed and made in New Zealand. The soft natural merino means these socks warm in winter, breathable in summer and good for the environment. 
Sucker Straws:



Suck up the waves of flavour with these Glass Wavy Straws. Ideal for tall glasses, these straws will add flair to any drink. Crafted from the strongest commercially available high-borosilicate glass, making them durable, sustainable and dishwasher safe.

 STEM Eye Pillows:


 Want a calm mind, help sleeping or encourage relaxation, opt for these handmade lavender & Camomile Eye Pillows.
Each soothing eye pillow is handmade in Wellington, New Zealand.




veto. Home Cleaning Bundle:
home cleaning bundle
Give a gift you know someone will actually use! The complete set of veto favourites designed to keep our homes and planet clean. Take on dirty dishes, hands, and laundry without any of the plastic waste or worry.
Apostle Honey & Oil Gift Set
For the foodie who thinks they know best. Inside is a full-sized Hot Honey and Crispy Chilli Oil accompanied by a custom, solid brass spoon. This spoon is handmade and designed to be the perfect height for the tall jars.
veto. Ceramic Bench Tidy:
For the person who loves decor and organisation. The veto. Ceramic Bench Tidy is simple storage solution suits any home while being practical way to ensure your all veto. cleaning essentials remain neat and easily accessible.
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