3 Things Guests Notice Most About Your Home

3 Things Guests Notice Most About Your Home

Having a space of my own, I am now fully embracing my hostess with the mostest era. But I'm noticing I'm becoming increasingly like that vine from way back when assuming everything has to be pristine - even the rooms no one will go in!

So to avoid looking like a psycho, I've found the top 3 things people actually notice right away about your house and some easy hacks to clean them. 


1. The Smell

We have this thing called "nose-blindness" where we become used to how our homes smell - either good or bad...so to ensure your home smells divine without giving you a headache, sprinkle your veto. Washing Powder on rugs & carpets before vacuuming to neutralise lifted odours lying in the fibres and spritz your curtains with your favourute veto. Room Spray so that each time you open & close your curtains, a light aroma is carried in your rooms. 


2. Bathroom

We can all agree that using someone's loo that looks more like a public toilet is beyond rank! So how I keep my bathroom tidy for guests is giving all surfaces a quick wipe down and with the veto. All-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner I can clean the whole bathroom with just one product.


3. Dishes

Having dirty dishes left out can contribute to the smell of your home but it’s actually more about clutter. There’s something about clutter that overstimulates the brain and makes it hard to relax and dishes are the biggest trigger for that, apparently. So grab your veto. Soap Slab and scrub any dishes left our as well as counter tops so that even the most neurotic can become zen in your home.



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