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Picker's Pocket

Picker's Pocket Tea

Picker's Pocket Tea

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Picker's Pocket Tea is a NZ based tea brand that focuses on utilising nature and uplifting communities. 

  • Picker's Breakfast Tea is an organically grown, loose-leaf, traditional English Breakfast style tea, harvested from a single-estate and handpicked. It’s lovely with or without milk, oat milk, almond milk, soy milk, or any other dairy-free milk alternative. Picker's Breakfast tea, made from pure single estate Ceylon Tea is so well-balanced, strong and flavourful, you’ll be reaching for it every morning as part of your daily routine.
  • Earl Grey is one of the most popular & recognised flavoured teas in the world. Their loose leaf organic Earl Grey tea is plucked by hand & withered at our Sri Lankan Plantation. Picker's Pocket Earl Grey is full flavoured with an orange pekoe base that has a delightful, distinct aroma that will leave you filling your cup up brew after brew.

  • Pure Mint is made from organically grown fresh peppermint leaves are harvested by hand and slightly withered to retain their intense minty flavours. This loose leaf herbal tea is naturally calorie & caffeine-free, sleep friendly and great for consuming at any time of day. This refreshing brew can be consumed either hot or cold - and we recommend trying it both. 

  • Classic Green tea is an energising green tea with smooth, sweet flavours stemming from withered organic tea leaves. The leaves for this classic small batch antioxidant rich tea are plucked by hand from the plantation, slightly withered, then immediately cooked to preserve the green quality and prevent oxidation.

  • Sumudu Chai loose can be enjoyed without milk and is also ideal for those who like to add some milk to their tea. Brew hot or cold.

  • Suwada Chocolate tea is an indulgence without the calories. Pure Ceylon black tea leaves are made into a loose leaf breakfast style tea with real pieces of chocolate & rose petals. The aroma is amazing - hence the name, it's meaning is aromatic in Sinhala.


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