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Ladybird Seeds

Ladybird Seeds

Ladybird Seeds

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Inspired by generations of seed savers and growers who have always seen the importance of an on-going relationship to the land. Based in Whenuakite Valley, Coromandel, Ladybird Seeds grow a variety of flowers, edibles and natives and follow no-dig method and permaculture principles in their own gardens.

Compost your empty Ladybird packet and try saving your seeds to keep the cycle going.  Keep an eye on their collection, as they hope to expand their offerings to organic veges, herbs and natives very soon. 

Available collections:

Classic Cootage Blend: A traditional cottage garden blend, a mixture of edible and ornamental flowers to bring a heavenly display of flowers to your soil. This mix is a combination of Aster, Coreopsis, Corn Cockle, Cosmos, European Poppy, Gaillardia, Marigold, Nigella, Peony Poppy, Phacelia, Rudbeckia, Verbascum and Zinnias.

Edible Flower Blend: A curated mix of edible flowers for your enjoyment. Use them to garnish your meals, add flavour to your salads, on top of cakes or in your drink. This mix is a combination of antirrhinum (snap dragons), calendula, cornflowers, marigolds, nasturtium and violas.

Pollinaters Blend: A beneficial blend of flowers designed to encourage pollinators and bugs into your garden. Let them do the work pollinating and pest controlling themselves. This mix is a combination of Alyssum, Bergamot, Bishops Flower Coriander, Borage Phacelia, Buckwheat, Crimson Clover and Dill.

Wildflower Blend: A curated mix of wildflowers for your enjoyment. Cut them for floral arrangements, use them to re-wild a patch of grass, or enjoy naturalising your favourite planter. This blend is a combination of Calendula, California Poppy, Candytuft, Cornflower, Cosmos, Flowering Flax, Linaria, Marigold, Nemophila, Pixie Lupin, Virginia Stock, Viscaria and Zinnias.

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