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Dry Body Brush

Dry Body Brush

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Sometimes the only person who can give you a rub down is yourself. This handmade Dry Body Brush has been designed to give you the full rub down, removing dead skin cells and encouraging lymphatic drainage. 

An ancient Ayurvedic practice, dry body brushing is said to aid with increasing blood flow which can elevate feelings of fatigue, bloating and sluggishness. 

How To Use: 

Prior to bathing or showering, begin by using the brush on dry skin. Starting at your feet, gently brush upwards in soft circular motions. Workaround the entire body, avoiding the face & any delicate areas. Once complete, rinse your body in the shower or bath and then apply your favourite body oils or lotions. Use 1-3 times per week depending on your type and sensitivities. 

Always use very, very gentle pressure to avoid scratching or marking the skin. 

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